Full zoom to note - key command?


Is there a way to have a full horizontal zoom in to a selected notes/clips starting position with a single key command? I feel like i am spending a lot of time on scrolling and aiming the zoom position with the mouse.

I use cubase 7 latest.


Shift + F: Zoom Full.


Unfortunately that command does a full zoom-out.

I’ve been trying to set up zoom presets as they can be bound to key commands but the result is somewhat senseless to me.

The preset remembers the zoom amount and the key command works but it zooms to play start marker position if it is visible and if not then just to the centre of the screen. Why play start marker position? It would be great if this could be changed somehow to selection or mouse position. Is it possible?

You could make a Macro. First change the Cursor position to the start selection and then zoom in.