Hi, I just got a new laptop,and i installed C6 and it worked great. The first problem was that when i had the cubase workflow window in fullscreen(fullscreen in the main window and the workflow), and i opened the channel settings, the cubase window went out of fullscreen(fullscreen in the main window, not fullscreen in the workflow window).

Can someone help me out??

This is ‘normal’ Cubase behaviour that we all live with. Don’t set the project window to full screen, but manually adjust the window size to fill your main Cubase window. Then other windows will appear on top of it.

Yep, that’s a bit silly but Arjan’s solution is what most of us use.
Set every window to ‘always on top’ by rightclicking on some empty space and you should be grand.

It took mucho time (years) for me to learn this.