Fully disable specific midi input for midi channel? (SOLVED)

Heya all,

I’m using a Native Instruments S49 with Cubase and very happy with it too. One of the many things i love about it is the mixer stage which gives full control over track volumes/ pans, mute/solo etc.

Anyways, i came across a bug where the channel one ‘fader’ on the keyboard when in mixer mode seems to send some odd ‘sustain’ on/off messages to whatever track is record enabled. If i move the fader above a certain threshold, it will seemingly ‘toggle’ something that causes the record enabled track to sustain indefinitely whilst adjusting channel ones volume as expected. Moving the ‘fader’ down on the keyboard then toggles this off. It only happens when using the first ‘fader’ on the keyboard.

All is fine as long as no tracks are record enabled when using the S49 mixer and adjusting channel one.

Anyways… i found that it has something to do with the ‘DAW’ enabled midi input coming from the S49 that controls the transport, mixer etc. My midi channels are generally set as ‘omni’ input, as i also have other controllers such as an Akai MPD which i like to simply reach over and use, but it’s this which seems to be causing the issues.
If i set the record enabled track to the ‘Komplete Kontrol-1’ midi input as opposed to ‘omni’ the channel then doesn’t receive the odd (controller?) messages that come from the DAW integrated midi input from the Komplete keyboard (called Komplete DAW-1)

So… hopefully you’re still with me and understanding… i was wondering if there was any way of telling Cubase to ignore the ‘Komplete DAW-1’ midi information for the record enabled track?

Cheers and soz for the long post…

EDIT - ok, i missed the device setup MIDI options and managed to disable the ‘komplete daw’ midi input for ‘all input’ recording (set as a default input) and now all is working fine and i still have DAW control from my keyboard too.