fun with cubase 6; good stuff

so i take a client’s song from a while back (with permission of course). use cubase 6 to change the time signature from 3/4 to 4/4. then change the tempo (which has a half-time feel) from 152 to 165 bpm. cubase timestretch sounds great even on the lead vox (which i will be replacing with another singer but a good test anyway). then the tricky part; all the keyboards had been supplied as wavs recorded on his home boss unit; no midi.
so i fired the piano into melodyne editor and used it to extract polyphonic midi which i then quantised to fit the new time sig and tempo.
this is fun. think i’ll continue the experiment until i explode.

:smiley: :laughing:

Great! :slight_smile: love this sort of stuff!

yes. had a cancellation and lost 4 days recording. so i decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and use my largely untested cubase 6 on a new project. if it works, i’ll eventually stick up a link.
even played with media bay after abandoning it in c5!
but i draw a line at loopmash. ha.
ed the adventurer