Fun with the Pentatonic Scale

Aloha guys,

What do these three songs have in common?

1-In a Sentimental Mood
2-My Girl
3-Someone to Watch Over Me

The opening notes of all three songs are a construct of the Pentatonic Scale.

Check out Bobby McFerrin having fun using it with a live audience.(2009)
What a teacher!
This will take about three minutes out of your life but IMHO well worth the time.
Pass it on to any students you might have.



For years I faked it by relying on the simple but pleasing major and minor pentatonic scales

A bit like Albert King asking Gary Moore, “why do you play so many notes”, pretty cool I thought at the time.

Ol’ Albert did’nt play many notes but what he did play certainly was’nt “easier”, unbelievable microtonic bending.
Sometimes I do wonder why guitarists here never mention people like Albert King, Ry Cooder, David Lindley(sp), Robbie Robertson e.t.c., one should give credit where it’s due.

Ok, back to the pentatonics…


Albert Einstein, it was

So it was Albert Einstein who said to Gary Moore… :wink:


Don’t take it any further… :smiley:

That’s like saying " Red Rag ; Bull ,…Bull ; Red Rag "

Dave, Major LOL here.

Tanx sooooo much for the pic.

It’s now my new desktop.

I love it! And I really love the hat.

Sending much Aloha


I think the pic is of a lookalike because ;
a) Albert would have had penpusher’s hands whereas those in the pic are more like labourer’s hands.
b ) He died in 1955 . The Peavey Razer was not made until 1983.
He did however play violin and piano . ( Pics available via web search )

( Steering slightly back towards topic : )
Legend has it that Pythagoras was passing a blacksmiths when he became curious about the relative consonance and dissonance of combinations of hammer blows with different weights of hammers .
He is featured in the wonderful 1959 Disney film " Donald In Mathmagic Land " .
Donald Duck is transported back to Ancient Greece and has a jam with Pythagoras and his band .
:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Given that the clothes kind of look a bit more “recent” and casual than what I think Albert would wear, it’s probably just his head pasted onto someone else’s body

Still a nice pic though… :slight_smile: