Function buttons not lighting

Hi all,

Everything seems to be working as should be, new update installed, eq invert etc working.

But when i click on any function button, to then let the value knob change that function, it doesnt light up, like the manual says it should.

I have them set to User - Zoom - Zoom in etc

I thought the way it shoudl work is i press function button 1, it stays lit, and i change that zoom setting via the value knob?


wow - 10 years later did anyone ever respond? did you figure it out by chance?

The function buttons work and light up like that in WL10 :-/ I’ve ended up remapping about half of the buttons and knobs using Bome MTP as I got so frustrated by the lack of official development.

Could you explain with more detail what you did with Boome translator? what added functionality where you able to add?

I get Boome to intercept the CC121s MIDI messages and remap them into more useful functions for me.
The dedicated EQ controls I have no use for - so the first 8 knobs I’ve made permanent Quick Controls, the bottom 4 adjust zooming vertically and horizontally, individual channel zoom and waveform zoom. Buttons below mapped to zooming out to full project, zoom to locators, all automation hide/show and a dedicated mixer toggle.

Woah nice, With Steinny’s lack of attention/ignore, I’ll have to look into Boome translator, is it difficult to setup/script? I would like to expand functionality on my CMC custom console.

No its pretty easy - took me an afternoon of planning out and learning the prog. Have to manually select the 2 Boome virtual ports for the CC121 every time I start up Cubase, but thats the only annoyance - other than that its been flawless.