Function buttons toggle light?

Do the function buttons acros the CMC series toggle light according to parameter in software? I.e. if I assign Snap On/Off the light will reflect the state of the option?

Anyone ?

five months later
Sorry to BUMP this thread but the answer to this one really interests me.

There’s an upcoming “light fix” for those with no ordinary light’s in their studios… :unamused: but, no, the function buttons are only momentary atm. i.e they’re lit only while pressed down… but ofcourse it would be more convenient with having visual feedback of which button’s are activated… but again…i guess a lot of these buttons aren’t changed from time to time so they are easily remembered.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer Lundin, I was afraid it was like this. For me it’s very important to know if certain parameters are toggled, such as Automation Loop or Preview Mode.
The automation panel takes too much screen estate and besides what’s better than a real hardware light to tell how thinks are going :bulb:

Hello again.
I’m not sure i understand what you meant by “Automation loop” ?
There’s automation read/write buttons that are lit when active.
But i think you should wait until they release the new software with the new functions… perhaps the light toggle will be available too.

I’m not sure i understand what you meant by “Automation loop” ?

If you open the automation panel you’ll find the loop button. This allows you to write automation only in range. then nuendo will write the same automation value on the portion of track you selected.
Say you want to eq just a clip on a track. you select the clip, press p for range selection, activate write and automation loop and you are working automation wise just on that clip.
The preview option makes it even more powerful, just look for it in manual.

So you mean you want the light to turn on while playing automation on a clip and turn off when leaving the clip?
The red and green automationbuttons toggle by light status if they’re on or off, but i guess you mean that the states changes only when there is automation that is read… i guess that could be convenient if you don’t have an open automationlane where you could see the status on.

I think this video illustrates better what I want: