Function for this type of event selection?

There actually might be a couple different answers to this that actually negate the question (i.e. poor workflow, rtfm), but here’s my situation. Been editing drums for a few songs lately that have differing quantize points (some tuplet sections, some 1/16, some 1/8, etc.). Been working start–>finish splitting the song into appropriate sections, slicing/quantizing, and at the very end crossfading. However, occasionally after slicing a section, I’ll have to shift a few events nearer to a beat so they aren’t misplaced when quantizing. The drummer rushed a hair! Not a huge deal, but…

After I move these events, it breaks the group’s selection. I’d like to reselect the whole sliced section of events that included the ones I moved in order to quantize them together, but currently am finding myself crtl+selecting these by hand. Is there a function/key command that will let me select the first event/slice of a section, and by selecting the last slice/event, select all in between? Probably right in front of my face, but for some reason escaping me.

Thanks for the help!

select the first event by clicking on it
hold down shift and drag to last event.
all events “dragged” over are now selected.