Function Key press "Light Up" too low

It seems to me that when a function key is pressed the “light up” illumination indicating the key has been pressed is too low - particularly under certain lighting conditions.

In some cases it may not matter - like choosing a different control room monitor - it’s easy to hear if it was activated.

But in other cases - like “undo” - it’s critical to know if the key has registered a press. One too many undos could have thoroughly unwanted consequences . . .
And if I cannot see my main monitor I, many times, can’t tell if it’s worked or not.

I would love it if you could increase the momentary “light up” of these keys when pressed.



I play guitar and, the callouses on my hands tend to make the iPad screen less reliable . . .

Hi Hugh,

We will improve the fading out of the KeyCommands buttons once they’re pressed in an ongoing update.