Function "Lock multiple hitpoints" does not work since Cubase 10

“Lock multiple hitpoints” is broken since Cubase 10. I’m now on 10.5.20 and it still does not work.

The function was working properly in previous versions (6>9).

Steinberg, please fix it in the next update! Should be an easy fix as the Cubase even displays “Lock multiple hitpoints” when you press shift+alt as described in the manual. It just does not allow you to select any.

I’m losing my mind making hitpoint for snare rolls with million hits. Even had Cubase 8 installed just for purpose at the time.

How to replicate:

  • Create a new project

  • Import any audio file in the project

  • Open it in the sample editor (full window or in the lower zone, does not matter)

  • Create hitpoints (miss this step if auto hitpoint detection is enabled in the preferences)

  • Try to “Lock multiple hitpoints” via holding Alt+Shift as described in the manual.

  • Text “Lock multiple hitpoints” will appear on the screen but you won’t be able to select several hitpoints at once. It just does not work since release of Cubase 10

    Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. The problem exists on every Cubase versions from 10.0 to 10.5.20.



Could you please send a link to the manual, where do you see this “Lock multiple hitpoints” option?

Update on the problem: still does not work in Cubase 11

Unfortunately, the whole section has now gone from the manuals so I guess they know it does not work anymore.

The last mention of this function I found is in Cubase 8 manual (Page 463)

To lock multiple hitpoints, press [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] so that the tooltip “Lock
multiple hitpoints” is shown and drag a rectangle over the hitpoints.
All enabled and disabled hitpoints within the area defined by the rectangle
become locked

But Cubase 11 STILL tells me to hold alt+shift to “Lock multiple hitpoints”
And then It does not work at all. Nothing happens when I’m trying to select several hitpoints with the mouse.

Maybe someone from Steinberg can explain what happened to this very simple function?
I used to do one mouse move to select all hits in the long snare roll and now I have to activate hitpoints one hit at a time which is very frustrating.

Here’s a screenshot of Cubase 11 suggesting me to do it