Function of "Get Local Files" Differs From Manual

In the VST Connect Pro 3 manual, the following information is provided for the “Get Local Files” button on the MANAGER screen:

“Transfer of several files may take quite a while, and Studio and Performer need to stay connected during this period. That’s why the Manager also offers to transfer files from a local directory (“Get Local Files”). So the files can be transferred from the Performer’s computer to yours by any preferred method and offline (FTP, Dropbox or the like).”


“With “Get Local Files”, you are asked for the location of these files for local transfer. Information about HD recordings is stored on both machines.”

When I click “Get Local Files” in an active VST Connect Pro session, a transfer is initiated (with no prompt for location, etc.) for all HD versions of files from the remote VST Connect Performer’s computer to mine, including both the VST Connect stereo mix and any individual tracks that I record-enabled.

Is the documentation incorrect? It would be nice to have the option of transferring remote VST Connect Performer files via other means.