Function request: Lyrics notepad and Lyrics track

I know sometimes I may look like an idiot but never anyone thought of a Lyrics function on Cubase?

I would use it in a sort of notepad style windows. Think about it… What if there was some ipad app where you could sync the lyrics with cubase?
It would be so productive… imagine listening to the music while you also work on the lyric with start and stop controls… (a future release of Cubase iC? maybe?)

And what about a Lyrics track with karaoke similar interface? Imagine if you coud export it ina a compatible xml file to use with adobe suite and more… imagine working on subtitles on cubase to later inject them into adobe encore subtitles track.

Am I silly or it’s something useable on my ideas?

Yeah and also a text to speech engine so i don’t need my voice to create samples :wink:

Silly I’m afraid. Kroakey is so out-dated. :mrgreen:

It’s a really useful idea. To have synchronised/scrolling/zoomable lyrics available on a separate window or physical screen. Useful in the studio, where often the performers (and maybe the producer/engineer) don’t read notation, don’t know the words, or don’t know where they are in the arrangement.

Also useful in live synchronised live performance. Also useful to replace the paper that many people use on stage…and depending on font background/foreground dolours, would have the advantage of being illuminated (rather than requiring illumination)

Recently I’ve engineered at a few gigs where musicians seem to be using iPads instead of written/printed dots. I’m pretty sure this is likely to be the way things will go.

If multiple screens or display devices could all be synchronised together, they could have the benefit of all seeing the same version of dots and/or lyrics, and all be in the same (correct) place at the same time.

Not a silly idea at all. Sure, not everybody needs it, but for those that do, it would be a big help.

I was thinking about this a bit ago so I’ll put my vote in. I use MiniLyrics to create synched lyric files (.lrc), which I can then embed in an mp3. I don’t know how standardised these are (although they seem to be) so if Cubase could somehow be made aware of these it would be very handy indeed. Save me having to create markers or chop up and name events just so I can keep track of my own songs, let alone other people’s.

Tongue out of cheek. It’s a useful idea somewhere but I don’t think it’s that useful in Cubase. And an iPad is still way over the top when pen and paper is still convenient and cheap. It’s progress but not as most peoples’ wallets know it.
And you’ll find that people still will have pen and paper backup as well as the new gadge. More stuff. Check out the song Too much stuff. And Neil Young’s “It was a pile of cr*p”.

Musicians like simple and they hate more connections to make and gear to look after and batteries to check.
In itself it’s one of those “Oh yeah! Great!” ideas that are like in-ear monitors. It’s all very convenient if you happen to be able to afford a couple of grand for the goldy version rather than the tinny version.
Everyone else throws them in the drawer after a couple of weeks. I know. I work with about twenty people who have done that. All guitarists.
Mind you. I have seen the wireless stage and studio as immediately imminent for about two decades now. I guess that was a silly idea too. :mrgreen:

I seem to remember cakewalk 8 MANY years ago having pretty much this function…
You could also use it within the score function too from what i remember which was pretty handy for vocalists that can sight read… not too many of those about though lol…
We did look into using it live for a ‘difficult’ vocalist we had at the time as we were using live sequencing for some of the parts with a midi-synced lightshow so the potential was there, but i think we sacked them before we got round to trying it out :wink:

It (or Nuendo) really needs captioning.