Function request: "Melt button" similar to "Frozen"

I’ve been using Cubase for years and I remember the big step when the “frozen tracks” functions were implemented… I’ve used a couple of times but I still prefer doing it the old way…

Often I see myself aplying plugins to teh audio chain and doing countless exports on pre and post processed tracks.

What it Steinberg implemented the same way the “frozen” function but in a a way that the “bounced” tracks retain all pre and post fx plugins and gains…

I would call it the “melt” function. No needed to un-melt (un-frozen)…

The melt function would be at the master fader, where it does make sense, only passing un-mutted or solo-ed tracks.

What do you think? Anyone with the same workflow?

Workflow? I just call it work. It’s what I charge for.
Would take the same time as what you do now. At least it keeps your fingers thin.

Not sure, if it solves your problem, but…

As I read, that you are applying plugins/effects offline to samples, in Cubase there is the
Offline Process History in the AUDIO menu. It shows any destructive operation applied to an audio file,
and you can disable each and every one of them individually, replace and more.

You also find this applying right-click on the audio file in the Pool.