Function 'Set Project 0 To Current Selection'

Perhaps small beer but…

I would like a function which would auto-magically set the bar to 0 and the time offset to 0 at the start of the current left locator. Just part of the constant repetitive ‘tidying up’ I do with CPRs… I always have to set the bar to 0 and the time offset.

Why? Why don’t I use a ‘template’? (He said rhetorically)

Because guys like me don’t start tidy ‘projects’. We start playing at the end of a current CPR and then take that glop and put it in a -new- CPR. A new project almost always starts as an improv. I’m not ‘engineering’ a well organised and predictable ‘session’.

So… after hours of fooling around to flesh out an idea, THEN I go through all the anal housekeeping to make the CPR into a consistent place.

That’s why the whole ‘template’ thing has never been useful to me. It implies that one knows ahead of time what a piece of art is going to be. That’s -engineering- not art. What I always want are tools to take my improvs and then QUICKLY render them into a consistent format -after- I’ve had the inspiration.

For example, I can’t use an ‘orchestral’ template because when I start a piece I have NO idea what the orchestration is going to be. I could -guess- but that limits my ideas. Far better to noodle and then when THE PIECE TELLS ME WHAT IT WANTS TO BE, give me the tools to QUICKLY bring the sounds on line.



But for completely different reasons (sync to video, when I’ve been composing bits already, without the benefit of a video with timecode, or without a locked edit. It would be really useful to be able to set Project/TimeCode 0 at the left locator, cut everything outside locators and save as a new project.)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but isn’t that what “set timecode at cursor” does?

Sure, but I usually go into Project Setup because I will also want to reset the Bar offset as well.

The point is that it’s THREE steps I -always- do.

  1. I create a cycle marker with the L/R locators for exports

  2. I go into Project Setup and then futz around with the Bar offset

  3. I go back into Project Setup and then futz around with the Time offset.

Again, I just want Cubase to make this a one-step deal since I do it literally every single time I work on a CPR.

In fact if I were Padishah Emperor Of The Known Universe and had the proper scripting tools, I’d write a script because there are probably 25 such clean-ups I do on EVERY project. Computers are for automating repetitive tasks that I forget to do.