Function symbols in Dorico?

Hi, I am planning on switching from Sibelius to Dorico.
I use function symbols quite frequently in my education, and this is something I need.
Is this implemented in Dorico? I know it is in Sibelius, and that’s why I keep using it, It is the only thing stopping me from switching over.
I’ve searched all over Google and the forum.



No, function symbols—as such—are not implemented in Dorico yet. This can, however be faked via a spare line of lyrics, for example, or by altering chord chart defaults.

Thanks both of you. I will try them both and see what works. Hopefully Dorico will implement function symbols in the future.


I am not sure if it is possible via lyrics or chord chart defaults. Are the followings possible for example by one of these ways?

I instead think using the followings are currently the best way to do it:

  1. using new playing techniques as follows:
  2. horizontal lines could be created by using the pedal. Please mute it:

I hope Dorico team adds an analytic symbol panel on the right panel in the near future. As shown in the linked video above, Dorico already has the feature inside of playing techniques, but analytical symbols do not need a playback effect. Moreover, analysis symbols are huge so that they must have a dedicated category.

I made a sample project in Dorico with Roman numeral analysis. It’s all done using the text tool, and Finale numerics font.

Thank you for this.
Copying from another dorico project to a new project is also possible!

I have tried to use in my project. It works well, but it would be great if inputting these symbols via popovers could be possible.
Currently I do not have time to input these into playing techniques…

Not playing techniques… it’s staff text.

Yes, I know. I would like to convert your symbols into playing techniques if I have time to do it.

Just figured out a usable workaround until they implement actual function symbols. Just use the text tool, and write the text below the staff. Quite amused that it took me nearly 30 mins to figure out how to place text below the staff, default is above. Reeeally liking Dorico so far, will definately buy when trial period is over :slight_smile: Bye bye, Sibelius!