function to copy grid definition from one part to another?

Hi folks,

perhaps you can help me…

I have a multitrack live recording that was done without a click, and I´d like to do a remix…

There was a piano track that worked very well to create a “definition” - I placed all the bar and some beat markers to the appropriate position, so now I can switch on musical mode on the clip and it plays in sync with the click.

But how do I copy this clip grid definition to all the other tracks? I want them all to be in sync with each other. I did not find a function that does this… Is there any workaround?

Tempo detection and so on don´t work, because you have to hear which note is the downbeat…

I am using the lastest Cubase 7 on Mac. Sorry for having posted this also to the Cubase 6 forum… Any hint?

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Have a look at the set definition from tempo function.

Hi Split,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Hmm… OK, but how do I create a tempo track from the clip definition? I found no function to do it in this direction. Let me think… I turn musical mode off, so playback is in original timing, including all the tempo changes; inside of the clip I can see that the “grid” is still defined. Then, I have to generate tempo information from this grid.

I tried “tempo detection”, but this tries to analyze the audio again and ignores my grid completely - and auto detection does not work for this complex material, so it ends up with a message that tells me, audio could only be analyzed till a major tempo change was detected…

Did I miss something?


hm… also tried a function “Tempo aus Event entnehmen” - (translated: Fetch tempo from event). But this function only sets one single tempo for the whole piece, if musical mode is off.
If musical mode is on, it does not change the tempo at all…

In this case you don´t - you create a musical definition for the files, from the tempo you defined before

There was a piano track that worked very well to create a “definition” - I placed all the bar and some beat markers to the appropriate position,

In short : you create a tempo track from the piano file - (Timewarp, merge tempo from tapping… whatever works best) then apply that tempo to the files as explained by split.

Hi thinkingcap,

thanks, too :slight_smile:

So I think the point that I missed is how to use time warp for changing the project´s tempo track.

The procedure in the manual that I followed was to create a definition inside of the clip.
The other feature I know is audio warping, which has the goal to change the audio partly.
But how do I use time warp on the whole project level?

Thanks a lot!

Oh… OK… I just detected the “time warp” toolbar button - I think I had intermixed that with the audio warp feature when I saw it before, so I didn´t get what is was for…

It seems that every part the has musical mode turned on is automatically warped in real time, so I can work in the project window the whole time, and use timings of multiple different instruments as reference during different song parts. Looks powerful.

Thank you both - I will let you know if it worked for me.

depends on the mode the timwarp tool is in…

It´s simply brilliant! This function is so exciting, the time warp tool works even better then I expected :slight_smile:
It took me just about half an hour to set the tempo (which slowly raises from 69 to 74 bpm and then goes down again to 72), and now I can copy every given block of bars of each and every track to any location in my new arrangement without having to adjust anything any more - such a time saver!

Thank you very much once again - I love Cubase!
(although previewing REX loops in correct tempo would be a refreshing feature…)