Function To Front not working

In the floats (right click) menu on track is “To front” function. I see more tracks, but not working select. Why?
I have a Cubase Elements 10.

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean in the timeline are, not in the track list? This functions brings the event to the front, if there are several overlapping events.

I’m also having this issue. This list of overlapping audio files in the ‘To Front’ submenu is there as expected, but they are all greyed out, and can’t be clicked on. The audio files are not muted.

Also with this problem! I can see the audio files listed, but all grayed out. Can’t bring to front the back audio files in the same track.


Reported to Steinberg (CAN-19727). As a workaround, you can click to the triangle in the bottom centre to choose, which event should be in front.

Thanks Martin. Hopefully this should be an easy fix for the next maintenance update.