Functional harmony symbols in Dorico

Dear friends. A question. Is there an implementation of functional harmony in Dorico? For functional harmony I mean the theory that I can find in manuals as Diether De la Motte against traditional theory based on grades (I, II, III, IV, and so on).
Alessandro thanks

Can you show an example?

Here’s a link to Roman numerals that you can copy and paste:

…but I’m not familiar with the manual you referenced above, and a Google search didn’t really clarify things.

Alessandro is referring to the system of musical analysis devised by Hugo Riemann (1849-1919), which uses the letters T, D, and S; basic explanations can be found in the Wikipedia article “Function (music)”. The manual by Diether de la Motte (1928-2010) has been translated into English as The Study of Harmony: An Historical Perspective (Dubuque, IA: W.C. Brown, 1991). What I assume to be the original German (1977) was reissued by Bärenreiter in 2018 in an eighteenth printing (18. Auflage) as Harmonielehre.

Ah, I’m familiar with Riemann, just hadn’t heard of the other gent. So that would just be text below the staff, yes?

To answer the OP: there’s no functionality currently for Dorico to analyze, or to add such text automatically. You can of course use staff text set to “below,” which is what I did for the link I posted above.

Not too elegant with staff text but ok. Thanks a lot! Hope German functional notation will be implemented soon. Alessandro