Functionality Request

It there any way we could get a global setting that would always open Cubasis3 without opening the last worked on project. That way we could select what we wanted to open or create a new project. I use a lot of different hardware and there are many times when that hardware is not connected to the iPad any longer and Cubasis3 seems to hang and crash several times before it figures things out. It would really be great just to be able to open the app empty and then me tell it what I wanted to do.

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As of yet, Cubasis always launches with the project previously opened.

Here, it might be an option to create your own template, and open this once.
Afterwards, simply open the template project copy before closing the app.

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How to Create a Track Template in Cubasis 3
1 – Create a new proect and make all your desired settings
2 – Go to Media/Projects and move the project to the “Templates” folder

Now, whenever you make a double tap on the file, a new project is getting created from the template.