Functions: Mac vs PC

Hello Dorico experts,

I would like to know if there are any instances in Dorico where the general guidelines for Keyboard shortcuts don’t apply.
This is the general rule:

Ctrl (Windows) = Command (mac)
Alt (Windows) = Option (mac)

Are there any functions where Ctrl (Windows) = Option (mac), or Alt (Windows) = Command (mac)? (or something similar)

Or in general, are there any functions that work differently in Mac compared to Windows?

For instance, in Cubase, there is one function that does this, because the position of the keys on the keyboard relates to the result of the function onscreen. Given that Alt and Command are located to the right, they flipped the general rule.


The only case like this in Dorico is the shortcuts for specifying a note in the octave below during note input: on Windows, you use Ctrl+Alt+A-G, and on Mac, you use Control-A-G (i.e. the key labeled “Control”, not the Apple or Command key, which is the normal equivalent for the Windows Ctrl key). Any other differences in key commands are due to differences in keyboard layout.

… and of course, you can change nearly all the key commands to whatever you want.

Thank you, friends!

Daniel, you are a true gentleman, with the quickest response time in the whole audio industry.

Happy Friday!