Funk'd Up

Hi All,
This is a song that was inspired by Opolopo, one of the demo composers for Addictive Drums. It was fun creating this track and it also inspired the video idea. The track was recorded in CB10, the drums on Addictive Drums, synth parts on Halion 6 and guitar on a 1990 Washburn KC90. Thanks for watching!

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Works fine, the groove is there definitely.

Thanks HKO! Appreciate the response.

I like it! It’s funky, all right! Very clever video, too.

Thanks on both accounts Early21! :slight_smile:

Really Groovy, Really Funky!

Also honestly, the sound is pretty good. I loved the depth & the overall balances.

Love the video too!

Great track, I like how clear and dynamic the mix is.
And the video is, well, creative to say the least :smiley:
My last attempt at funk (or rather, “something funky”) was a purely instrumental one: The Funk.
But it’s music for ads, royalty free stuff.
Anyway, I can’t wait to see your next vid! :smiley:

Thank you Stephco! It was a fun track to do.

whooo eeee… that thing grooves !!
also great sound and movement

Very funny :grin: :+1:t4:

Thanks Joystock!
I think “The Funk” just one upped me! lol

Thanks Mozizo! Cheers!

Thanks Bobmusic! Laughed the whole time I was making it. :slight_smile: