Hi there!
Please feel free to listen. New music made with Steinberg Cubase Elements 9.5 and Halion 6

Wow, you really nailed it! Love the playing!

:open_mouth: fantastic funktastic

is the Bass also from Halion 6 ? sound pretty realistic. phrased bent and articulated well

Thanks:) yes. Bass is from Halion 6 but I don’t really program it… It is Just recorded by hand on my midi keyboard and cleared in piano roll. It is “High End Bas” program.

:sunglasses: cool

Quite a bit of WOW factor here. The tune and your playing are both uplifting. The video is very well done to display your chops. The overall mix could use some polishing, nothing that some re-balancing couldn’t help. Absolutely no reason not to put the piano licks front and center.

The video is really well done with great attention to detail. I especially like how you did the spoken intro. Tune ain’t half bad neither :wink: really good job on this one.


Haha! That’s great, Snarky Puppy-like energy and changes. Lovely playing and arranging sir. How did you do the drums, if you don’t mind me asking?


Recorded by hand, filled with chops (too fast for fingers) in drum editor. :slight_smile:

Thanks, they sound very good.


well done…and nice chops!

Fun piece of music you’ve created. Thanks for sharing.