Funky Key Editor behavior

I have a huge chunk of Key Editor behavior that is progressively getting worse.
I’ll list just whats happened multiple times now in the last two hours in the studio this morning, but to emphasize, this behavior has been daily for weeks now, increasing in its occurences, goes back to Cubase 7.0 and a previous computer. However, it is becoming progressively becoming more and more present, to the point of, at times, happening every time I execute a selection or key preference.
This morning in the KEY EDITOR:
Using the mouse, select a note, Cubase often jumps back to the project beginning;
always upon reopening from the Arrange page Cubase resizes the K Ed window and in addition either adds or deletes controller lanes, with no apparent pattern, other then it just keeps on happening;
always upon reopening from the Arrange page Cub resets the window top setting at g8, 2 octaves above any use, again necessitating a manual adjustment down;

always upon reopening from the Arrange page the Editor opens in a different confiquration including --no controller lanes, 3 or more lanes, lanes I’ve never used, and/or lanes I’m using having to be reopened, often opens with the Articulation lane open and covering the lower 1/2 of the window whether I’ve used it or not,
always upon reopening from the Arrange page the rt. side scroll bar resets to the bottom of the Ed. requiring manually resetting it;
Working in the Key Editor itself every time I mouse click or lasso select a note or notes in the Key Ed Cubase often jumps the project back to bar one
Wherin hitting “Home” on the Querty causes Cubases Arrange page often to jump to the projects end instead of opening it up in place,
going from the Key Editor to the Arrange page resets the arrange page to the bottom position on the page.
I’ve set up Key Preferences for “nudging” back and forth, “X” for nudge back, “Y” for nudge forward
but select a single note or lasso a group of notes and use the x or y Key Pref. and Cubase often jumps the session back to beginning of project
On days when i work in the Key Editor I’ll use it 100, 150 times in an 8 hour day, meaning 100’s of corrections, meaning acoss say a week, how many lost work hours?
As I said at the top, this has happened to me now in Cubase across ons computer running Win 7 and Cbase 6.5 to Cub 7, and has continued into a new computer with set up now with Cubase 7.5.
So reinstalling has been done, updates done, and am starting to despair that despite all I’ve read that just maybe the Key Editor just is not very good.
Can anyone shed some light on correcting this behavior, or at least confirm that I’m not the only one with this stuff and it just won’t get any better which will allow me then to make whatever decisions going forward I need to make from knowledge & not adverts.
And I’m not even going to start here on the Arrange page and the Color Tool functionality.
Thanks. Happy Thanksgivig!!!

Wow. That sounds like a nightmare. I can only help a bit by saying that I haven’t seen any of these behaviors. The Key Editor pretty much rocks. It’s got its quirks, no doubt, but the equivalent editor in any DAW has quirks too.

I’d venture to guess that you’re, sadly, in need of a system-wipe and Fresh install. Sounds corrupted.

I wonder whether you’ve got a dodgy keyboard? When my wireless keyboard starts to run out of batteries it’ll send incorrect key presses and/or none at all for some parts. Or maybe your mouse too? Also, do you have a remote control item connected that’s sending spurious things? I’ve been caught out with dodgy pitchbend on cheap USB keys units before - as have other people on this forum too. Also cats :wink:


I am using a Logitech Wireless, so maybe theres something there. With the 2nd idea, would Aftertouch be a possibility. I know it shouldn’t but my particular MPK will not releases Aftertouch, even when I set up as per the manual to delete it from a project (long story, Akai’s not got an answer for me. I’ll try another Wireless tomorow, and set up my M AUdio 88, see if this gets better.
Thanks for the ideas.
Enjeneer , I’ve had this now across Cub 7.0 on a previous computer, and now even worse with Cub 7.5 on my newer computer. I also think that this has to do with something in my peripherals as in truth I to have not read of these issues and reputationally the Cub Key Editor seems to stand out as one of the Cub strengths. Thanks for your inputs. Again Happy T. Day!

Have you checked whether the symptoms persist when you start up in Cubase Safe Start mode?

I haven’t. I’ll try that also. Thanks for the idea.