Funky Pop R'n'B song

Hey guys,

Here is one groovy funky pop song I recorded and mixed for a band called MC in the Boonker. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cubase 6.5.


Great production. What was the effect technique on that funky electric guitar on the left?
I can never figure out how to get that slap back, doubling effect where the original signal is pan left and shadowed on pan right! Do tell!

Hi Simon,

Sound very good! :sunglasses:

It’s a good song as well. Did you record more songs with them?


Hey guys,

thank you for your comments.

cmaffia: actually there are no effects on guitars. Only two different takes of the same guitar. One panned left, other panned right.

HornForHire: I recorded one more song for this band one year ago, but I didn’t mix it. You can listen to it here:


real nice work all around…really enjoyed this!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Really nice job putting it all together for this band. Good quality comes out of your studio, and in many different styles, I see… Krik was one I really liked; this one less, but the quality is definitely there.

Thank you! I am glad you like my work. :slight_smile: