Funny behaviour of Waves company regarding 64 bit

What’s their problem? No 64 bit version whatsoever,and they even keep issuing new plugins in 32 bit only, like vocal rider, bass rider or those weird king’s microphones. Do they think that 64 bit is only a momentary fashion that will disappear again? This company does not even have official forums where one could get some answers! Their stuff is good, but my patience does have a limit. Grrrrrr!

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Universal Audio seems to have the same policy but at least I can bridge their plug ins with a minimum of fuss;
I can’t bridge Waves without crashes that make their products unuseable.
Any future purchases of their products are on hold until I can, like, actually use what I’ve purchased.

I don’t think they’ll make any single plugin 64bit on it’s own, even a newly released one. I think when they go 64bit it will be 64bit across the board with them.

well i think when protools go x64 all this company will be ready ! :cry: