Funny bug! "Solved"

Ok. A bit sloppy but no deal breaker. Open the mixer. Right click>windows>show routing option. Then click Stereo out (top of mixer). LINKS UND RECHTS. Ich habe nicht deutsch gelernt. Like I said. No deal breaker. But fix for the update. :slight_smile:

That’s not new, it’s a legacy “bug”.

I think it is sloppy. If Steinberg want cubase to be the nr1 DAW they should figure out how to separate english and german “legacy” langugage. This seems to be well known bug too,

ProTools doesn´t even offer different languages, so what´s the problem. I prefer having fixed REAL bugs then this.



Roger - I feel it IS worth at least reporting this kind of thing. No matter how trivial, (especially when in comparrison to broken features etc) reporting the bug and petitioning for it to be fixed will only improve the situation in the long term.

Cheers, B.


I hope we are talking about the same thing, but mine is English.



I have Left & Right too.

Maybe your template was/is in German?

Go to VST Connections. Delete your existing Inputs and outputs and then create a new stereo output. I’m sure this time you will see Left/Right.

I don’t get this in German either. Left & Right here.

It is a template thing. Some of the templates do have the german values in various places. I think the VST connections for the default template is one.

The bug disappeared when i used a template for Cubase 5 MR816X (cubase5). I do not have it anymore!

You got a point there. I wasn´t trying to make this issue smaller than it is, it surely is important to report bugs.
Ironically, now it turned out, it wasn´t a real bug… :slight_smile:.



Glad you dealt with it, though I’m not sure I’d consider that solved, imo. That sounds like a workaround.

Yes. The problem existed when i installed cubase 6 with cubase 5 still installed. All the preferences templates was"copied" to cubase 6. My MR816x worked fine but the “links und rechts bug” showed up in the mixer. I did a complete reinstall of cubase 6 (deleted appdata/roaming/steinberg and regedit steinberg software and of course uninstall software from the controlpanel. Restarted computer > installed cubase 6. Issue dissapeared. But then I had a issue of not finding MR816x templates. I found out a solution to open mr816x template from cubase 5 (cubase 5 exist as a catalouge in cubase 6). Then everything worked. Steinberg was good to me and have now updated MR816x/csx software to version 1.7 to support cubase 6 :slight_smile: