Funny discovery regarding Win10 and AMD

I hate all the bs that you have to install to load up the AMD video driver if you have a Radion (AMD) video card. I don’t play games on my DAW. So today I was looking at my CCleaner app and the AMD app came to my attention - I thought, oh well, I’ll uninstall it. When I started the process a message I’d seen before popped up ‘if you continue you will remove all AMD devices and drivers’. This always stopped me in my tracks in the past…but today I thought, no way, they won’t remove the video card driver, will they? So I continued. But they DID remove the video card driver along with the AMD app!

OK, this left me with one monitor until I restarted my DAW. But when I did restart my PC, Win10 could only create a duplicate screen of monitor one, on monitor two; Win10 couldn’t deliver two independent monitors like the AMD driver did (such that you could extend one screen onto the other monitor). Hm… So now I was starting to think that I would have to download the AMD app again just to get the AMD driver so I could use my two monitors as I was used to. Basically I would have to return to what I had before I deleted the AMD app. Or would I?

It turns out that the AMD driver is signed off by MS, and, believe it or not, MS has the AMD driver available from their download page. All I had to do was go to the Windows Update page in Settings and click on ‘check for updates’. Here Win10 said it had the AMD driver and asked if I wanted to download it. I said yes and it downloaded it, and I then clicked to install it. It worked! I no longer have the AMD app to deal with, and I have the latest AMD driver.