Funny New track Input with MONO Group track

Hello some funny append to me, I was messing around with my Main template when I notice that I had a (Group Bass) choice in my track input selection … but only the Bass Group not the Vocal/Piano/drums or any other group track and the only diference between all the other group track and the bass group track is that the bass is in MONO not in stereo … so I try the delete the group track, rename it, move it around, dance on 1 leg with a cat on my head … no luck but If I re create it as a stereo track !!! BOUM no more funny input.

Can someone replicate this and let me know … Is it a bug or just a old dumb soundman losing is grasp on reality

Have a nice day

have you tried using the other leg?
sorry couldnt resist lol

Check the inputs on a stereo track and you’ll see all of them…the mono track doesn’t show the stereo groups as input but they are all there…the mono one would appear in both stereo and mono track input selectors.

Sorry I only have 1 leg … Car Crash


Have a Nice Day