Funny pitch bendy stuff going on..


I noticed some funny pitchbendy behavior going on in audio files (cubase 9.0.2)
-Maybe it was introduced with the “elastique fix”

Here are examples:
(these are exactly the same files with variations / 2 events, 1 bar each for a total of 2 individual bars per file)

  1. The original file. this is how it should be:
    Dropbox - File Deleted

  2. The same file transposed +5:
    Dropbox - File Deleted

  3. The same file, but bounced first and then transposed +5:
    Dropbox - File Deleted

    *1: sounds normal
    *2: the first sound of the sequence has some funny pitch bend going on all of a sudden (2 events= 2 funny bends)
    *3: better than the second, but not perfect

    The strange this is, even when i cut the second (non-bendy) sound from the 2nd example file and place it at the start - it starts bending/gliding the pitch too.

Thanks for any insight=)

edit: please excuse the low audio level - turn up the speakers or download and normalize :wink:

I’ve seen the pre-bend (almost like it ‘warms’ up from the initial pitch to the target), In just about every Cubase build I’ve used.

If it was fixed for a while, I clearly missed it. It would be rather nice if it started at the pitch you selected.

Same in Nuendo too.


Why that is very odd…

I just noticed this today…lol… probably because i used “project key” from the start (dont always use this)

When I remove the project root key and pitch it manually, it sounds normal (without the pre-bend as you call it)

ok, so i guess this is now a bug… (also in previous versions :wink: )

cheers for your confirmation, mark)