FURIOUS!!! No factory content. Mac

I’ve had it. Half of of the Halion Sonic Factory Content is missing. I have tried everything possible. I reinstalled Cubase 6.5 and Cubase 7. I reinstalled the Absolute VST Collection. I updated the Halion Sonic Content. I tried to load the the Halion Sonic Factory content from Halion 4 and it tells me that there are 704 files missing. I have copied the content in Vst sound from the Cubase 6.5 disc to the Steinberg folder in Library\Application Support\where I think it installed everything. I have scanned all folders possible from Media Bay and nothing. There is a sound in particular that I really need (natural piano) from the Halion Sonic Factory content. The presets are there but every time I try to load them, it tells me that “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation”. This also happens directly from the media bay and from the standalone version.

What upsets me the most is Steinberg’s attitude of “If it didn’t install right, you’re on your own”

Can somebody over here help me? Is there a file that is missing that I can download from somewhere? Or am I overlooking something?

I have the same problem. Cubase 7.0.5. I upgraded from Sonic SE to Sonic 2. Some of the HALion Sonic Factory Content is missing. I just logged a support request with Steinberg, let’s see what happens.

if you actually look around the forum you will find the answer from some others that had the issue , halion for some reason installs the content in one of two places but only searches one of them .