Just curious, where does everyone around here buy their furniture for their studio setups?

Some IKEA, IKEA hack (RAST), desk is home-made. Mic/Guitar/Keyboard/Speaker stands are mostly on-stage.

2nd hand IKEA Jerker, fully customisable, very tough design. If one pops up local to you… buy buy buy! The printer stand is insanely large (for a printer) and perfect 19" rack unit, it can be extended to 6ft tall.

thanks. what i am finding is i need to get a desk that can fit a midi controller on some sort of computer keyboard pull out desk.

I’m not a fan of desks, especially giant desks, because they bounce sound around and I know I’ll just fill it with clutter. So I made something like a medical cart, using a mount-it sit-stand. This leaves me with a fully adjustable monitor and keyboard tray that I can wheel around if I like. Another benefit of this is that I can use it standing, which is nice during certain tracking situations. Also, I have a pretty small room and it has a minimal footprint.