Furthering MediaBay. The next great iteration.

First of all, I would like to see a new attribute which is ‘Gain’, a gain adjustment attribute set by the user per sample stored and remembered.

I would like to see some more playback options and controls. The little volume slider is great, I would like to see a panner as well next to this as sometimes I am looking for things to fill the right side or the left side.

-playback speed options, x1/2, x1, x2, x4.

There should be a left/right locators in the sample preview window thing, to cut down the loop start/end
Insert into project options:
-Fill Loop
-An expanded insert menu (Insert into Arranger Section: ((Lists all current arranger sections to insert/fill into))

Big Idea:

And I would like to see some sort of cue playlist, where I can keep adding to it as I browse MediaBay, building a cacophony of loops of which I can do basic toying with in MediaBay before I even insert into the project. Ability to remove loop files after I added them if I don’t like, or just mute/solo them, pan, volume adjustment, etc, etc. Just imagine a media player application song playlist but multitrack loops.

If it is a single sample, I want to add this to the playlist, right click, and then select a MIDI track in the project that already exists and route/take a feed from it to this particular sample that has been added to the MediaBays playlist.

Then when I have an arrangement of samples and sounds in this playlist. I can press one button to add them all to project, separate tracks, with the playlist settings retained (volume offsets, pan, etc)

very very quick song and idea building that would be fun and very very fluid and seamless. :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

I’m going to develop some mockups, I invite anyone elses ideas before I do.

Concept: The next great iteration of MediaBay.

Primary Focus:
-Additional playback controls/manipulators
-A Playlist or “Shopping List” where a user can stack multiple loops (and maybe even samples) and preview before inserting them into the project.

-General improvements, attributes, project integration

You can add your own custom attributes, so you can create this for yourself now.

Hi, I think you are misunderstanding - I’m wanting an actual gain as in volume, as in, I can adjust a sound by -3db and MediaBay remembers this for playback preview in MediaBay.

This way, people can decide on across entire sections of their samplelibrary, what volume works best for them integrating samples into existing projects.



I would like to see the Sampler Track GUI as part of the MediaBay previewer, so sounds can be tweaked in MediaBay (without overwriting the raw .wav file). I would like to be able to save this file as some sort of MediaBay format that is essentially a preset associated to the raw audio file, that is added to the same directory as the audio file, and thus shows up in MediaBay.

Hi lovegames,
I think the required functionalities go in the direction of those who work mainly as sound design.
I don’t know if the functionality of storing sound configurations in the MediaBay is actually useful as the same sample that I have adapted for creating a sound for a project, can hardly work in another context / project.

On the other hand, I think it is very useful to integrate a “SAMPLE TRACK” as you suggested (in fact an evolution of the current sample reader already present in the MediaBay), in which it is possible to export the result of the gain, pan, transpose processing via drag & drop, reverse, stereo to mono, trim … Of course it would be convenient to be able to zoom the waveform as well.

For example, it would be very useful for me to have the possibility to transform a sample from stereo to mono for some sound design works, and at the moment, the only solution I have found is to carry out the transformation only after the sample has been placed in the track (the whole operation turns out to be very dispensable in terms of time as it is possible to do it later using the pool tool).

I hope Steinberg can implement these new features in the next release :smiley:

You don’t have to use the ‘Gain’ attribute, and could easily reset it via the Attributes Inspector. I try to keep all my samples in a -6db ball park, so that listening from one snare sample to the next, they may be completely different snare sounds, but be heard as the same volume (this actually requires RMS measuring to get perfect, but it’s quicker to go by ear). This is a great way to work, it’s annoying when sample volumes are too different from one another - different libraries could have different reference points, etc, etc.

I’m with you guys, Steinberg please implement Media bay playback improvements!

Yeah, for sure

Being able to use MIDI ‘Patterns’ somehow in the playback chain in MediaBay would be great, being able to select a 2 and 4 pattern, or a 4 on the floor pattern, etc, etc.

Hi LoveGames,

I like your ideas. A lot of the desired functionality is available in the Loopcloud Software. The workflow is pretty cool. Also they have automatic BPM and Key detection which would be also great in Media Bay.

Also I would like to see more options of adding samples to the project, for instance always adding a new audio track instead of inserting the sample at the current selected audio track etc. Hot Swapping Samples in Sampler Track during Playback and so on.

Looking forward to more ideas and hope the Steinberg Team will take notice.

I would just love it to nativily read id3 / flac tags. I make DJ mixes in cubase and having it read these tags would be great. I run all my music files through mixed in key and having cubase read and understand the tempo and key, would be amazing.