Fusion Essentials -Activation Issue


Hopefully this is the right place for this…

I had cubase elements 8 installed on my computer, i downloaded the fusion essentials pack which didn’t work with that version of cubase even though i believed that it would. So I upgraded to Artist 9, formatted my computer, did a completely fresh install of windows, installed Artist 9, and had to use a Usb e-licenser (formerly i was just using the software one).

Now it will not let me register the fussion essentials pack as it says the activation code has already been used. When I look in the my products section on my steinberg it shows
Cubase LE 5( that was the originally one I had)
Cubase Artist 9

not elements 8 and not the fussion essentials pack.

On the eliscense section it says “no products found on this licenser”

When I try and enter activation code in the elicenser it says it has already been used.

Any ideas? Or is it easier for me to just pay again?

Thanks for any help/advice.