[futile request] Add "Esc" and the copy, cut and paste commands to Key Command targets

I’ve been trying to create a macro that in an ideal world take the name from a regular Marker and insert and rename a Cycle Marker because they sweep the floor with regular markers.
I realize I’ve run into problems when I try to use Copy and Paste when parsing the name out of the regular Markers but otherwise it would work. It’s the “Edit - Edit info line” command that works but then I guess there might be one clipboard for Windows and one for Cubase or there is some kind of conflict threre, right? Of course it’s easier to shut that down but there would be an amazing number of Key Commands doing great work in this world if we could copy and paste in dialogs while using macros, don’t you think? :sunglasses: Maybe it’s not the Microsoft/Cubase thing that’s important but some pause function and/or ability to enter new info at runtime? Is it LUA script/Key Commands I’m lusting for? Probably! :flushed: :rofl:

PS The escape key used to be available as a Key Command target as well but it has been removed from the list I guess.

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This is my quick and dirty macro and it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s the microsoft clipboard commands that can’t be used simultaneouly with Cubase input fields and Macros that makes it impossible to create one large , my coclusion.

Don’t attempt to get this working unless you’re a little nuts about similar things and you’ve been known to get it working. Not for everybody haha!

WHEN IT WORKS … it let me create 22 Cycle Markers on a Marker Track with the same name as 22 normal Markers from a Marker Track above the target track. And without much practicing I created the 22 new Cycle Markers under 2 minutes. It can’t be too hard to cut that time in half when I’ve done this a few times. And that’s kind of the idea because I’ve set myself up in a situation where I need to do this. Self-inflicted pain … at least it now goes much quicker!

Sooo … if this seems like your idea of a good time, grab a cup or more of coffee and set it up like this:

Above Marker Track with the original normal Markers.
Below Marker Track which will get all the Cycle Markers.

Then have the first Marker on the Above MIDI Track selected and you’re ready to roll.

Create three Macros like this and assign a Key Command to it

Navigate - Right 
Navigate - Add Right
Transport - Locators to selection
Transport - Insert Cycle Marker
Navigate - Down
Navigate - Up
Edit - Edit info Line

Now you have created a Cycle Marker, moved up to the track above and the Marker has been select, the name of the Marker has been selected. Next moves have to be manual:


If you hit Enter here instead of Esc both the selected Markers will get the name you copied in the clipboard so just don’t!
Then invoke your next Macro which includes

Navigate - Down
Edit - Edit info line

Now you’re in the name input field for the Cycle Marker so it’s time to go manual again:


And the final setup to be ready for a new round

Editors Open/Close Editors
Navigate - Up

Now you’ve completed one cycle of this and the next Marker on the Above Marker Track is selected and you’re ready for another go, right?
Room for improvement? Of course !!!


Sooo … what does this show? It shows us how incredibly close we are to have even more editing power in Cubase …

Have you tried using Focus > Escape or Focus >Back? I couldn’t find out if those key commands do anything, but maybe I was looking at the wrong place? I’ll check it out myself in a few hours when I get the chance.

Well, that’s something new to me but it’s not it, unfortunately. They’re kind of internal Cubase commands whereas the copy-paste stuff is Windows “internal” kind of. Maybe Steinberg has figured out that there are more situations where copy-paste leads to unpredictable results than not? As of now the commands are mutually exclusive. Speaking of unpredictable results, it’s not easy to see any logic how the focus point is jumping around in various input fields in the project window !!! I haven’t looked into anything “focus” so I’m new to this. Is this documented somewhere?
Thanks anyway!

Ah, bummer, I see what you mean now that I tried it out.

Works using Touch Portal though. Too funny! (Ahhh… I wish we had this kind of control natively…)

Touch portal macro