Future anxiety

My system works flawless. Lenovo thinkcentre old school cpu. Mr816x interface. Cubase 8.05. Firewire. But, one day my hardrive will crash. Firewire won’t be a recommended. My interface wont be supported. Some plugins will crash. It makes me anxious. I just want time to stop. Philosophic issues I guess.

Hmmmmm, stop time? The biggest issue I foresee is … what sample rate does one use when time stops?

I 'm there right now with a dead motherboard, I know exactly what you mean… my interface uses PCI, not many boards support that anymore.

I guess it’s called technology evolution but a analog board at least as a life time of 30 years. Computers and software around 5-10. Thank God it’s a hobby for my part.
PCI guy - I here you. We should wait for thunderbolt 2.0 for Pc With a proper Asus moderboard and Windows 10.

Everything I’m using is behind technology wise, and I don’t have any anxiety over it at all. I’m quite comfortable because I have complete back up systems that are nearly identical & also have spare parts.

My audio interfaces are all PCI as well, and I have every intention to keep using them. If say, any of my motherboards die, I’ll just use one of my other systems until I get around to slapping in a spare motherboard in the system that’s down. Even though my DAW machines use approximately 8 year old hardware technology, I still can find every component for them in the used market place, and at a very good price.

For those of us who fully intend to keep using what we have, go stock pile some of the components you may need in the event of a future failure, and ease your anxiety. Older computer components are going to be floating around for years to come. For myself, I don’t see my computers as having as short of a life cycle as most would come to expect.


Guess what!
I have anxiety and the only prescription is More Cowbell.

I don’t want to hear it from you mistar. My mobo crashed in October and, after ordering all the parts and assembling them, I found out to my dismay that my hard drive wasn’t supported…

…because it was EIDE.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ahh, you run a museum I take it? :laughing:

I feel your pain. The saddest moment of my DAW life was when I had to retire my ISA-bus MusicQuest MIDI card (with built-in hardware SMPTE sync and all) :cry:

AMD based boards do, as a rule.