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Hi Dorico
I would like to see a more flexible Dorico. I am not completely satisfied, that I have to remember a lot of key commands, for me to write music. It would be great, if you somehow could design anything by just click and drag. There should be a more free way of composing, if you want to build theoretical pages. You don’t want to hit a command for the program to figure out more notes should be stabled. It should be able to tell by itself by the fact that I am placing a note right above another note. I would be impressed if you somehow could make it more easy to write music. I think there are a lot to improve.


I’m just a user and can’t speak for the team, but Daniel has made it pretty clear that some of these fundamental designs in workflow are not going to change. Of course every new version brings more flexibility for users who like different ways of doing things.

I’d suggest you work to learn Dorico the way it is. I think you’ll find it will pay off.


Welcome to the forum Jesper - you should find that for a lot of common operations, like inputting notes and chords, there are keyboard- and mouse-based equivalents. For example, to activate Chord mode to add notes on top of each other, you can press Q or click the Chords button in the Notes toolbox on the left; to input the notes, you can press letters on a keyboard or click on the staff.

If you would like to elaborate on e.g. specific circumstances that you’ve come across where you’re not sure how Dorico works or would like things to be smoother, please add more info in this thread.

(Edit: Daniel has kindly split this into its own thread for you :slight_smile: )

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Hi Jesper,

I felt this way too when I started using Dorico - I hope you’ll find, like me, that after getting to know your way round the key commands and concepts, that it’s all there for a reason and makes sense. Clicking notes above each other to create a chord for example - as Lillie points out, you can do this having engaged the right mode. Allowing Dorico to “interpret” your actions also would allow Dorico for misinterpret them! How annoying would it be if for e.g Dorico decided you wanted to make a chord when in fact you wanted to override the pitch? I like this system, because it minimises the number of unwitting mistakes I make…