Future electronic update--content not found

ive just seen a update for future electronic and neuro…both have installed but now it cant find the presets…i can locate the file its looking for but it wont accept it becuse theFCP SMT number is now different…
its looking for FCP_SMT_736_GA_FUTURE_ELECTRONIC_SP.VSTSOUND but the update has overwrittent this and renumbered it 737 so it wont load…
same goes for neuro that too is having same problem…
how do i fix this?thanks

I’m not sure, if this will apply to your situation, but some time ago I also encountered a handful of missing .vstsound files.

If I remember it correctly, I ended up doing a search across my entire hard drive for each missing .vstsound, and ended up finding copies in different places. And so I just copied the found one’s into the correct folder where they were missing, and then things worked again.

yep did that mate theres none of those files on my pc.

everytime i start cubase it keeps asking me now to locate the missing files but cant because there not there

Hi waxxy, please remove this file when Cubase is asking for. You don´t need it after the update. Also this file does not include any presets. You should see your presets after the update as usual. If not, please open the Steinberg Library Manager, go to “Groove Agent” and search for “Future Electronica”. If you do not find it, it is not installed on your system. If you find it have a look at “Details” and make sure that the Version is v2.