Future Feature Request

that all analyzers and eqs can switch between using the standard htz symbals to using the actual musicle notes symbals instead , it would make more sense, cause at the end of the day musicians do use this gear(well debatable). for example if i hear a drone i want to cut out and i know it is an A 4th octave i can see where it is instantly on the analyzer and cut it if it has musicle note symbals , but having to look up on a htz chart to do the conversion is a pain in the butt . get with the times were not in frankensteins lab now .ta ( if this is possible already ,sorry )

Cubase has a built in analyser that will display the note value.

where? it aint the multiscope and it isnt the main equalizer.

Correct it’s nether of those :mrgreen:

Don’t know if this is what you need, but look for “statistics” somewhere under the “Audio” drop down menu. I think it may have a calculated note. Never checked how accurate it is …

Nope, not it either :smiley:

Ok, I give in, the spectrum analyser can display either Frequency or Note, it’s actually rather handy :wink:

What spectrum analyzer? Cubase 6 doesn’t come with its own spectrum analyzer AFAIK.

Yes it does.

Really? Where is this secret hidden spectrum analyzer?

Well to play along a bit… It’s a secret and hidden, but all is reveled if you look in the manuals index under spectrum analyser :wink:

Besides the plugin (only in Cubase full), Audio menu -> spectrum analyzer.

Although I don’t see a setting in either for showing note values.

spoil sport :laughing:

It does show notes.

I see that now in the manual. Should’ve looked harder (instead of just skimming the topic).

One of the reasons I like it, is that you can select a range via the, err… range tool and get the analysis :stuck_out_tongue:

hi split i m on C5 at the minute where is the spectrum analyzer , but that isnt good enough anyway realy ,what im talking about is the actual EQ s having this capability ,so you have both information and tool in your hand.

So its an offline spectrum analyzer that only works on audio clips/events similar to “Statistics”…

If the OP wanted to find a way to do offline musical note analyzation of audio events he’s probably better off just using variaudio.

It’s in the same place!

Waves do a neat analyser/eq for realtime manipulation, it has a keyboard on it!. But I do like the ability of the Cubase analyser to look at a selected range “off line”, very handy for kind of forensic analysis of problem bits and zoning right into the part.

There’s a free plugin called “Span” (from Voxengo I think) that shows frequency and note in real time, you might want to check out…

Variaudio cannot analyse complex sound.

The OP wanted the to see the “musical notes”. I’m pretty sure Variaudio does a better job showing the notes with complex sounds than the spectrum analyzer.