Future License Transfer- what about sounds?

If I read Steinbergs plans correctly (as per Daniels pinned License post), a solution is in the works that allows for license transfer to and fro between Dongle<->Machine, thus making a single Dorico license operative on a home pc and a laptop, alternatively, without having to carry a hardware dongle on the go. So far, so great.

Those of us who had HSO or HalionSonic installed on their machines prior to Dorico know the drill, both won’t run as standalones without the dongle. This begs the question of how the license transfer mentioned above will work- will the HSO/HS offering be included in the temporary license transfer, even if it was pre-installed?

The Dorico license itself includes the licenses for HSO/HS, so yes, that license would also be transferred in that case, without interfering with whatever other license you may have for that content (e.g. via Cubase).