Future MSC implementation for DMX controlling

Dear Team,

as VST Live needs time to get more advanced DMX possibilities, we were talking about alternative solution for automated lights driven by some pre-programmed method that VST Live could handle. We found a possible way to communicate with DMX lighting desk is the MIDIShowControl (MSC), that is based on the general SysEx structure. MSC message that can signal a remote lighting desk to fire or jump to cue, etc…


e.g.: Desk needs to save programmed pre-defined cue-s, VST Live ‘only’ has to fire them in order. But all advanced DMX things (fixtures, head-morph, etc…) are handled by light desk for now.

I hope you will like the idea :slight_smile:

Freestyler does MIDI, I guess there are others as well.

Hi @CliveJ !

I’m sorry, don’t really get your point :man_shrugging:

There are venues with lighting desks and channel-ed lamps. Pre-program “goto cue x” on VST Live while asking local technician to save some cues on lighting desk like (cue 1 dimmed-down stage, cue 2 lead headlight, etc…).

There used to be some time to program a few positions, so if we have a pre-delfines cue list, VST Live can send them to fire them, very similar to MIDI CC’s that other users send to Kemper and to other external MIDI devices.

This time the CC would go to the DMX desk…

Merely that the method you suggested is one of many ways to skin a cat when using MIDI to control lighting. I wonder what will happen when you have a venue that does not support MSC.

Steinberg seem to be aiming VST Live at self contained shows where the lighting is provided by the act and I get the idea, but it kinda beats me why they are trying to reinvent the wheel with DMX.

Sleeping a night on it, MSC implement, some sort of solution would be like dream:

There are pre-created MSC/MIDI actions. I can pull them from an inventory (like we pull samples from the right browser part).

Like cue-name-1, cue-something-2, full-dark, strobe, etc…
But the thing that they shoot MSC or MIDI command to an external lighting desk is set in “Actions&Shortcuts”. One coulumn shall be MSC/MIDI data type, there will we have the option change data type or param to make remote firing a local DMX lighing desk working any time (most of the time the basic ones also has MIDI I/O) :slight_smile:

I like the idea VST Live has a part to DMX very much. I thing this is a need !! just as I see currently not yet smart enough, even little change can bing up things, the app currently can’t do.