Future Nuendo DAW

I would advise them to get a better shrink,.

There are already products for using slave PCs for video.

VE Pro.


See my suggested test here.



If Alsihad sounded any better than Nuendo, I would not be as nasty about it.
It simply doesn’t… Ask our freelancer colleagues who work on many systems, what they say about it.

Error… Those plugs that don’t work, have mostly been discontinnued and/or can’t work in Win7 or in 64bit environment ( see Wizoo W5 ) . All supported Plugs work without problems. It seems, everytime we enter a new OS or processor technology there is something we have to leave behind (like those 3 Parhelias on the shelf, here… :frowning:).

In my case, no disfunctional plugin problem is Nuendo 5.5 related…

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Fair enough. Still no reason for me to risk upgrading for no benefit to my work though. Let’s see what happens with N6. :wink:


Quite so…
Why should you upgrade, if there is no feature in N5 that you need.

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There are always “some guys” who “tested” this, that and the other software against the competition and the competition won. But the devil is in the details. Everyone has an opinion, just like they have an ______ , so the important thing is what and how they measured this difference. Do you know how they tested it? Who they were?

To my knowledge there are two things that are true for sure;

1, double-blind tests on summing buses reveal that when done correctly there is no audible difference between softwares.

2, most of the time when there is a difference it’s so small that it’s a complete waste of time to worry about it. One can spend X hours worrying about getting Nuendo to sound 0.25% better to match some other random software, or one can use those X hours to work, make money, and then use that money to buy a better microphone, mic pre, converter or whatever for recording/mixing which improves the sound 10% instead…

OK, I did my little test. A bounced file from PT 9 is identical to a mixdown file from Nuendo 4. When phase reversed they not only cancel perfectly, but also cancel with the original, proving that both DAW engines are doing the job properly. I will do the same test with summing multiple files when I have time, so that I can see whether or not the summing engines are different.

Just did the summing test. All files are identical. So proof that there is no difference in the sound of a bounce from PT or a mixdown from Nuendo.

Therefore all differences is mix will be caused by either differences between RTAS/TDM and VST versions of plugs, or differences in how each DAW implements faders etc. However a competent engineer will always use his/her ears. so there is no reason that a mix done on one system couldn’t sound the same as a mix done on the other.


As an aside, there has been a lot of talk on the DUC about using a utility such as SuperVolume. Has anyone here got any experience of using it with Nuendo? It seems to me that if the saving in the background really works, it could make things much easier for those of us with large amounts of tracks in the session. If it doesn’t work, or causes pops and clicks, then it is not useful.


A SCSI array would solve that issue.
Been using SCSI for 12 years here and wil never, ever go back.

Also add to the mix Pan Law and any plugins using nonlinear processng (reverbs, certain emulations like Slate’s VCC

Mixdown differences is a typical discussion.

I agree with most of us: digital summing, done properly, is THE SAME everywhere: Nuendo digital summing sounds like Logic and Samplitud like Cubase. Things change if you are using a DSP summing, like PT TD does.

Uhhh … not that discussion again. “Some guys” … oh boy.

I know guys who work on ProT**ls since Vers. 3 who are happy that “their” program finally caught up soundwise … with Vers. 10. :laughing:

… but what I was actually going to ask:

… what’s wrong with Nuendo’s Event Volume or its fade-handling? (… with the exception that it is available since almost a decade now?)

not convinced it makes sense for audio processing, but thumbs up for CUDA core processing of video and quicker interface drawing… I thought about that years ago when Nvidia introduced that… also I would like to see some 3d card processing for the interface… 3d mixers? Zooming and rotating into a 3d arrangement… sculpting frequency bands in space with mouse or even better, gesture recognition via webcam… all coming to Nuendo6 :wink: PT10 will look like an old dusty rocking chair.

also I would like an instant search bar to type in names of tracks, or volume levels or just a plugin name, and project view instantly jumps to what I searched and highlights resulting elements…

a voice guided project assistant like SIRI should be ready for Nuendo7

perhaps even show hide will be implemented after 6 years of praying…

EQ adjust with gesture, this would be very nice! Headphone on the head, close the eyes and edit the sound with hands in the air and if the sound it’s ok, then I say: “EQ Track - Bass”, Nuendo changes to these track and I edit this :mrgreen:

And it does not help that one of the mods on GearSlutz “Music Computers” forums keeps perpetuating this.

If I tried to work with voice commands it would be a constant murmur and mumbling …and still I’d be much slower than with mouse & KB and even kinda super sluggish when compared to the work speed on a full-size console.

AND: while you talk you can’t listen… and you gonna dry out after 12 hours of mixing. Can you imagine doing extended editing with this?

Big K ( grabbing a cup of Java…)

We need the new feature everyone will be talking about - (drum roll)
Telepathic Mode.
No more complex graphics at all - you no longer need a screen or a controller.
All gone - just load your track, and think the mix
Remember all those times when you played a track and thought to yourself - “what this needs is a little off the low end with a shelf at 150”. Wel, now to think it is to have it happen - EQ applied.
Compressor not fast enough? speed it up with the merest mental whisper .
Vocal slightly out of tune? no problem - just think “that’s a bit flat” and it will be instantly pitched to perfection again.

or something not at all like that…

well …
í´m a nuendo user since version 1… and a Love it :slight_smile:
there are no perfect DAW´s…
i also use samplitude pro for mastering purpuses ( no cash for sequoia )
and i work on the national tv broadcaster on pro tools… have to… it´s all pro tools over there…
i prefer nuendo to protools, but there are sometings i wanted to see in nuendo from protools…
and also from samplitude… the object thing… is second to none…
but i noticed that things are becoming very similar…

using gpu processing power as a dsp virtual audio engine… colud be great … but i doubt it will ever become a reality…