Future Nuendo DAW


If I may add my 2 cents:

  • I agree that Ram playback might be cool.

  • Changing clip gain? Yeah, maybe, but now we’re really talking pre-automation automation. I’m not sure I trust that this will be implemented properly (sorry Steinberg) so I can live without it… just my personal opinion…

  • GPU co-processing might be cool for some things, but once again, I see great possibility for things getting tremendously screwed up by this. So the question is if it’s worth the extra risk while the regular CPUs are getting much faster anyways(?)…

  • I’ve heard no problems with sound quality in “audio engine mixdowns”. No idea what you’re talking about. Compared to what really?

  • 64bit float for audio processing on the GPU? Why? Seems completely unnecessary to me…

I am not a “many tracks” guy…lol… but I know, some have to be and I see some advantage here for you.
But what happens when you are struck by a sudden power outage? Isn’t your RAM-memory lost, then, with all that has not yet been stored on a HDD??

Big K

That would depend on what was actually being cached in the ram. If you are loading sample libraries for instance and you lose power, the sample libraries stay intact. The same would go for recorded audio as the recorded audio stored on hard disc would be loaded into ram.

AFAIK everything is stored on the hard drive anyway. It’s only loaded into RAM for streaming.


Thanks. … I see…
I have no need for that, but good to know.
For the time being, I would rather go for: never change a running system…lol…
Call me old fashioned…

Big K…

That’s why I’m still on Nuendo 4. :wink:


Can’t say anything against N5.5.1 64bit. Since SB got QT working in win7 64 bit I am smiling wide.
No crashes, no problems…most of my plugs and software/VSTi work very well, no trouble when safeing …

Maybe you should treat your systems like a beloved plant. Talk to it and thank it when it has worked reliably
for a whole day and say nighty-night when you go home, ( but rather not water it…lol …).
Those crates do have a soul… nevertheless some can be real bus tarts …
m2c after 37 years in electronics :wink:

Big K

the audio guys should see what´s been made by the video guys…
the improvements of GPU co processing using Open CL and/or CUDA are huge…
several HD video tracks in realtime on premiere ( usning CUDA )
also on final cut pro X using open CL ( no confusing with open GL )
video is much more processing intensive than audio… in realtime… i guess…
that´s why many things have to be rendered first…
afraid of messing around with new code ?..
i dont think so… the graphic cards are much more powerfull than any cpu nowadays…
even universal audio UAD1 is a gpu…
combining both processing power could rival the dsp / cpu aternative , like protools HD TDM…

Using the ram as a virtual SSD… and using the standard hardisk and/or NAS, on the background as mirrior and final storage…
would be great… protools 10 HD has it and its a very good idea not just for the speed , but also to be able to work with a main NAS storage system, with many nuendos and cubases…



And that’s the difference. All of my plugs and software/VSTi work, and video as well. No reason for me to upgrade, as there are only a couple of extra useful features for me in N5, and they’re no big deal. The things that I need to be improved have not been, so I will wait and see what happens with N6. Or PT11, for that matter (although I don’t hold out much hope for the latter).


  • I’ve heard no problems with sound quality in “audio engine mixdowns”. No idea what you’re talking about. Compared to what really?

  • 64bit float for audio processing on the GPU? Why? Seems completely unnecessary to me…[/quote]

    some guys that tested nuendo´s audio mixdowns against protools 9 and samplitude pro 11, said that the sound is not as good… not 100% transparent when it mixes down a lot o tracks in the box

other thoughts about the future on Nuendo.

  • how about creating a similar product of this one :
    but using only ethernet for sincing with nuendo, just like protools satelite :slight_smile:
    no need for video cards …

and also this :
how about intergrating a similar idea into nuendo ?
to be able to grab the processing power of more cpus over gigabit to process vst and vsti plugins…

this could unload resouces from a main nuendo daw…



yes agree, i was getting a rme fireface uc … but now i have no cash to get it… :slight_smile:

if i were you, i would keep away from that toy called UC :wink:

I would advise them to get a better shrink,.

There are already products for using slave PCs for video.

VE Pro.


See my suggested test here.



If Alsihad sounded any better than Nuendo, I would not be as nasty about it.
It simply doesn’t… Ask our freelancer colleagues who work on many systems, what they say about it.

Error… Those plugs that don’t work, have mostly been discontinnued and/or can’t work in Win7 or in 64bit environment ( see Wizoo W5 ) . All supported Plugs work without problems. It seems, everytime we enter a new OS or processor technology there is something we have to leave behind (like those 3 Parhelias on the shelf, here… :frowning:).

In my case, no disfunctional plugin problem is Nuendo 5.5 related…

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Fair enough. Still no reason for me to risk upgrading for no benefit to my work though. Let’s see what happens with N6. :wink:


Quite so…
Why should you upgrade, if there is no feature in N5 that you need.

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