Future of CC121

Thank you for the new Cubase version (9.5), however, Softube Console 1 on Cubase Pro 9.5. What’s going on?! Does that mean CC121 is come to end?

How about an upgraded version of CC121? Where is Yamaha with a new hardware integration for Cubase/Nuendo? Please don’t mention NUAGE.
This software/hardware relationship seen to be very odd lately. I just don’t understand the reason why Yamaha bought Steinberg then.

My thoughts. Cheers

BTW will CC121 work fine under Cubase Pro 9.5?

Console 1 integration has absolutely nothing to do with CC121

I can confirm that CC121 works absolutely flawlessly with Cubase Pro 9.5.

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Indeed… I use the cc121 & console 1 together.
I love the transport and quick controls and use the fader rarely for some automation…
Console 1 for eq/dynamic/gate/saturation… so great (I use 4 screens… one of them.dedicated for the console one GUI 2 for cubase and the third for rme totalmix & digicheck.

I love to see a better cubase controller… But cc121 is still working great.

I’m also using a cc121 and the Console 1.
They compliment each other nicely.
Every unit has it’s use.

Console 1 i actually the first controller that does work perfekt and is a “real gamechanger” for me.
It just works great and the plugins available for it are absolutely awesome.

I hope the Console 1 update for better integration in C 9.5 will be out soon.
Especially follow channel select and automatic track naming would be great.
Dos anybody knows when this will be released?

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Very interested in trying a console 1. Going to namm this weekend so I will ask about the update.

Will be updated next month to support basic functions of cubase: vol, pan, mute, solo, 3sends,