Future of VST expression

I am really keen on the VST expression protocol that Steinberg introduced in Cubase 5.
I love the way it works and I find it much more intuitive that inserting keyswitches in the Key Editor.
VST expression 2 takes things even further. I can see a lot of potential in the new protocol.

However, I am reallly concerned about its future and longevity.
Its been here since Cubase 5, however, very few VST instruments developers have adopted/supported it. I remember I downloaded some maps from VSL who used to support it in the beginning, but now I cannot find anything on their website.
Eastwest seem to have neglected it completely.
Native instruments too.
Spectrasonics as well.

VST expression 2 is not a mere keyswitch convenience but it also adds a lot of features.

Still there is dead silence from any plugin developer. I have yet to find a non-Steinberg VST instrument supporting VST expression 2.

What is the plan? Is VST expression just a bubble , meaning that it is going to become obsolete? There is no point in advertising this feature of the program if there is literally no support from any third party developer. What are your thoughts? I believe that Steinberg should be more “aggresive” sometimes in supporting their new protocols, especially if they are good. I would not like to see VST expression 2 fade away , but I must admit that I haven’t used it not even once because it is just limited tp Halionsonic/Halion4 instruments only. And the instruments that I really need it for do not support it.

Just a thought. Would like to read your own views on this guys!

If you are talknig about maps. I have created quite a few and come to the conclusion that using off the shelf maps doesn not really do what I want. So, I have gone back to creating gthem on the fly as needed. I used to think that all developers needed to create them for their product but I now see this is not required really. IMO

Agree, but the maps is just a fraction of what VST Expression 2 can do. The big problem is that no developer supports VST Expression 2 which enables you to edit each midi note individually.

I thought that is VST3?

No, it’s vst expression, which is really an attempt at the long overdue midi v2 that has never come. Midi is old and hobbling limited in function.

Like many things, it’s how big of a bully pulpit do you have? Apples having trouble getting third parties to get behind the intel “thunderbolt”–they are one of the few companies who will just keep putting it on machines until there’s enough installed base for a MOTU or RME to look at doing audio interfaces. Windows boxes will wait until there’s market demand for thunderbolt, which there won’t be with peripherals that use it…

But, I’d much rather see them make midi clock sample accuracy at sample rate resolution. That would make the standard more useable to start with. A grid of 96000 per sec resolution. I digress. No, I don’t think it will be picked up…honestly, really rather see a full fledged midi v2.0 that would apply or have regulations governing internal instruments as well as external.

I have to agree with you… I don’t like to say that, but I don’t see VST Expression 2 lasting too long. It’s a shame…