Future request: Save a copy of the project manually and/or automatically during audio export


During mixdown I most often make various versions of mixes, and also want to save (backup) project files related to these mixes. Currently I do this manually, which is tedious; save master project, save new project for mixversion, export audio files, close mixversion project, reopen master project and make next mix version…etc.

I therefore would like to see support for saving a copy of the project under another name, but still be able to keep on working on the already opened project, e.g. “Save a copy as…”.
This makes it possible to save backup/mix versions of the project during mixdown.

I also think it would be great if this could be part of the “Export Audio Mixdown” functionality.
During export of audio files you could have an option for making Cubase automatically save a vrsion of the project with the same name as the exported file.

The export results in both mix file(s) and mixdown version of the project.

I have tried to make a post script file for this but haven’t suceeded yet.