Future request

It would save me a ton of time doing publication level engraving to be able to (especially in parts) select a group of not necessarily similar objects, like a rehearsal number, a tempo marking, and a text marking and with a single click or keystroke, line them up perfectly.

(I’m going to feel like an idiot if it’s already there, since I couldn’t find it.)

Thanks for listening.

Wow, that’s an excellent suggestion. Similar to “Align Dynamics” in Engrave Mode.

All I can say: Ohh YES!!

I agree! I always liked the Sibelius-functions of “align horizontally” and “align vertically” which work the same way. Analogue functions in DORICO are sorely missed up to now…

And this would work even better if we could take most items out of consideration from vertical spacing algorithms.

At the face of it, I agree. I’d also love there to be guide rulers with a “snap to ruler” option.

That said, this seems to me to pose a number of issues particularly for horizontal adjustment:
what are we aligning? baselines? outer edge? vertical center (when aligning horizontally) or horizontal center when (aligning vertically)? Different objects have different means of aligning. I think it would be neat but I just wonder if it is feasible to accomplish with the usual amount of panache.

This alone would save me much more headache than a multi-purpose alignment tool! (Which would be nice, too.) I still find that Dorico’s vertical collision avoidance is a little overzealous.

I’m sure you still remember how Sibelius handled it. It’s certainly good enough. And any incipient, introductory implementation could easily be improved on with scripting in the meantime.