Future Slash Rhythm Implementation

I have a score of Edward McDowell’s Second (Indian) Suite that I did in Sibelius a few years ago. In the attached file you can see an interesting thing McDowell did with repeated triplets in the violins. We’re in cut time here, and instead of writing out all 12 notes of the repeated triplets he wrote them as two dotted half notes with a single slash through the stems and a “6” above the noteheads.

This was tricky to do with Sibelius, and as you can see things are not optimally positioned. Also, the dotted half notes do not play back correctly – Sibelius plays four notes per dotted half note instead of six, apparently treating the dotted half notes as though these was no dot and no associated tuplet.

I’m hopeful that when slash rhythm notation is added to Dorico in a future update that this type of notation will be easier to enter and its playback will be correct. Something fun for the development team to play with, anyway.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Dorico. I bought the boxed product, but the credit card transaction triggered a credit card fraud alert since, apparently, nobody in the US ever buys anything from Germany and if you try, it must be fraudulent. I got the problem straightened out with the bank, but I’m waiting on asknet to approve the charge.
Sextuplet Slash Rhythm,jpg.png

There’s no playback of tremolos just yet, but Dorico can handle the notation of these kinds of tremolos with no problems:
You will need to tweak the default ‘End position’ property for the tuplets to make them centre themselves over the stem, but that’s more or less the only edit needed.

I hope you enjoy Dorico when you finally get hold of it!

Thanks, Daniel. That’s awesome.

Even though I don’t have Dorico yet, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen in the videos and in some of the examples posted here in the forum. The concept of flows is simply brilliant, and being able to edit the playback in Play mode without altering the written form of the music is genius. The entire approach you and your team have taken in the conceptual foundations of the program will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we think about music notation software. I’m so grateful to Steinberg for their decision to snatch up the best music notation software developers on earth when they got the chance to do so.

Back on the subject of repeated tuplets, will Dorico support the notation that uses dots above the notehead for down-stem notes or below the notehead for up-stem notes, wherein the number of dots equals the number of repetitions of the note? This type of notation is common in wind band music, and helps the player know immediately how many times to play the slashed note without having to analyze the type of note and the number of slashes.

I received an email today from asknet saying that all is well and my order is being processed. Looking forward to having some fun when it arrives!

We don’t yet have the ability to show dots above tremolos, but I hope we’ll be able to add this in future.