Future Updates and Drum Panning

Hi there! First off, congrats on Music Studio being associated with Steinberg! I can’t wait for what comes next. Will the planned updates and added features from the previous forum still apply to what might come in a bigger app release? It sounds silly but I was wondering since it hasn’t been brought over to here in the forums that’s all.

Also with drums had there been a particular reason as to why the particular kit parts wouldn’t be panned? I would understand if it was similar to the rest of the instruments that aren’t kits (and also I’m guessing each to their own on how people would set a real drum kit up), but it would be nice if there was out there some ‘suggested panning’ for drums so we know how drum parts are normally panned in any song.

Thanks in advance!

Hi MixMasterMatt99,

Thanks for your message.

New update releases will be announced once they become available.
As of yet, Music Studio’s drum kits do not support panning of individual samples / notes.

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