Future updates idea.

as a future update for cubasis ios, can I please suggest dB meters that give you constant update of level on each track, this would really help when multi tracking vocals to get them around the same output. I know there are meters there but don’t give a constant update of dB range…

hope this is OK to post here, and maybe we can see this in a future update.

Thank you. :pray:

Hi Yammy85,

Thanks for your message and your proposal.
The feature request is on our list.

Thanks again,

Thank you Lars,

much appreciated.

Hi Lars,

also as a future update request.

when editing a recent project, on exit the option to save or discard changes.

many times I have edited a project and after exiting wish I’d had this option.

thank you.

Hi Yamahasy85,

It is planned to add further options with a future update.

Best wishes,

As a future update may suggest that we can add our own templates

Many times I’ve started a new project, and had to load the effects in that I had on previous projects (if I can remember them)
This is especially for Audio tracks where I might want to put vocals and have to spend ages
Looking for the correct effects I want, and setting it up as required…

Whereas a template would have everything ready, saved with whichever effects I have created??
I hope this will be considered…

Many thanks :pray:

Hi Yamahasy85,

Thanks for your message.
This feature request is already on our list.