Fuzzy cue label text

The start text in cue labels seems to be fuzzier than other text, even end text of cue labels. This appears in Dorico (Write, Engrave, and Print), as well as in a PDF generated by Dorico. It seems like just a display issue since I don’t notice a difference on paper when I print.

I’m on an M1 Mac Mini running MacOS 11.4 and Dorico 3.5.12.

fuzzy text.pdf (78.7 KB)
fuzzy text.dorico (675.9 KB)

The text in cue labels is drawn by Dorico in exactly the same way as all other text in the score. I can assure you that it isn’t fuzzy, neither in the application or in the PDF. Perhaps you should try using another PDF viewing application, and zooming in close? I assume you don’t have a high pixel-density display?

Thanks, Daniel. Perhaps fuzzy isn’t the right descriptor. There’s a definite difference in weight displayed in Dorico (as well as in a PDF, regardless of the viewing app). The closer the zoom is, the difference goes away. But zoomed out, it’s noticeable. I see the same difference as well on an M1 MacBook Air with a retina display. There are a few screenshots below at different zoom levels.

I don’t mean to waste anyone’s time (and since it prints normally, it’s not a big deal); it’s just weird seeing the same text appear different.

Example 2
Example 3

The pdf in your first post looks normal to me, but I definitely see what you’re seeing in the pictures you’ve just shared.

Please attach the Dorico project that produced the most recent screenshots.

Since it sounds like the original project file and pdf I posted didn’t appear the way the screenshots look, this is sounding like it’s just an issue for me. Here’s the first page from the project that the screenshots were from. And thanks for taking a look anyway!

text.dorico (1.9 MB)

Thanks, James. I can see the problem: when you have the Additional label at end of cue engraving option set, Dorico is drawing the label at the start of the cue twice. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll try to sort it out in future.


Thanks, Daniel!